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I’ll Be At the Microsoft World Partner Conference Next Week

The Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) is being held in Washington next week. It’s an different sort of conference, and I almost elected not to go this year. In the past I’ve found the sessions to be a little light (but then, I am a techie, and this is a business conference) but this year it’s a solid line up.

I’m looking forward to meeting a few of the Product Managers, particularly around the Azure and BPOS space. My spider sense is telling me that very interesting things are about to happen here, and my company is very well positioned to take advantage of the cloud, and the new emphasis on it from Microsoft.

It will also be very good to catch up with our friends from Nintex, who are not only fun, but are always working on interesting things.

If you want to follow the goings on, you can follow the #wpc10 hash tag on Twitter. I’ll probably be more active than normal on twitter, I can be found at @diverdown1964, and I may even try my hand at liveblogging,but don’t count on it.

If you’re going to be there,and you run into one of the many John White there, I’ll be the tall one. Please say hi!

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