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Reporting Services Error After Creating a SharePoint Site

I ran into a nasty little problem at a client site this morning. I had just finished setting up Reporting Services on a SharePoint Foundation front end server and everything was working just fine. The client had asked for a central site to store reports by default, so I of course created a new blank subsite called Reports (creative, right?). However, immediately after the site was created, I got this error:

“This operation is not supported on a report server that is configured to run in SharePoint integrated mode. (rsOperationNotSupportedSharePointMode)”


That’s a reporting Services error – why am I getting this from SharePoint? Of course I wasn’t. When I had configured Reporting Services, I had also configured the Virtual Directories for the Reporting Services web services, and for the Report Manager, which is unused in Integrated mode. I allowed the default values for both to be used, which are ReportServer and Reports respectively.

That was of course my problem http://servername/Reports was already a valid URL so instead of going to my newly created site, it tried to access the Reporting Services URL, which doesn’t work in integrated mode.

Fixing this was a little bit tricky. The first part was easy, create a site that isn’t named either Reports or ReportServer,and set it up. The tricky part was deleting a site that I couldn’t navigate to. It would be easy with Server,but this was Foundation. SharePoint designer did the trick nicely. With a site open, you can manipulate sites one level down, and I was able to delete the offending site.

The moral of the story? Be aware of existing virtual directory names when creating subsites on the same server.


  1. J.J. J.J.

    Gracias. I have been hitting so many walls with upgrading my SharePoint 2007 server to 2010, it was nice to knock at least one down quickly.

  2. Allan Allan

    You can change Sharepoint 2010 Intergration on the SQL report configuration manager tool, from Integrated to Native.

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