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How to Batch Download Videos and Presentations from SharePoint Conference 2011

UPDATE 26/10/2011 – The Files Have been protected

Since originally posting this, the content provider has added the cookie requirement for download of the files. This is in line with Microsoft’s wishes that the videos be downloaded by conference attendees only. In order to batch download the videos, you will need to follow the procedure outlined for the PPTX files below. The addresses of the video files are still the same – only the requirement for an authentication cookie has changed. Thanks to George Winters for pointing this out.

UPDATE 11/10/2011 – The Files Have Moved.

I have updated the post below accordingly. Also note the file names are also different. The new source is significantly faster – thank you MSFT!

I’ve seen a number of questions about this, and I’m in the process of collecting all of the presentations and slide decks from the conference, so I thought that I’d share my process. It’s relatively Straightforward to batch these up.

The videos are all in one location, and the presentations are in another. The base folder for the videos is (now) and the naming format for the files is, so for session 301, the filename is You can simply punch the full URL into a browser and the files will start downloading. In order to batch download a bunch, I am using the open source WGET utility, recommended to me by Ziad Wakim.  I simply created a batch file that calls WGET for all of the presentations that I wanted. Each line in the batch file looks like:

"C:Program Files (x86)GnuWin32binwget.exe"

The process is the same for the slide decks, but the site base is and the file name format is identical to the videos with the .zip replaced with .pptx. However, the conference site expects a cookie, so you’ll first need to log into the myspc site. Once done, export the cookie for the site to a text file (In IE use File – Import and Export – Export to a file) that’s available to the WGET command. Once it’s a simple command switch on the end of the WGET command to load in the cookie for each request. If the cookie is exported to a file names cookies.txt, then the command will look something like:

wget  –load-cookies cookies.txt

Another batch file with a line for each slide deck you want, and you can run it and download everything at once. One note – you’ll need to be patient. Given the speeds, I don’t think that I’m the only one who has thought of this….

Hope it helps.


  1. Jason Jason

    You can also use FlashGot add-in for Firefox, a file download manager with cookie support

  2. George Winters George Winters

    The URL is now forbidden. 🙁

  3. John White John White

    George – It looks like the videos are now cookie protected – the same way that the pptx files are. I’ll update the post shortly to reflect this, but if you follow the cookie approach, you should be OK.

  4. George Winters George Winters

    “This is in line with Microsoft’s wishes that the videos be downloaded by conference attendees only.”

  5. Pascal van Alphen Pascal van Alphen

    It still didn’t work for me. In the video URLs, I had to change spc/videos into spc/s/videos.
    Still the pages came back with ‘Forbidden’, so then I added the hash key I noticed on the download link to the file name. This key added to the URL seemed to be the same for each video download on the MySPC website.
    That did the trick, the batch file then started downloading the files.

  6. DS DS

    I figured out the hash key, thanks Pascal and John.

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