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Software Boundaries and Limits for Power BI

The Office team have published a  comprehensive resource outlining all of the current boundaries and limits for SharePoint Online generally. Power BI offers a host of new capability, and in the absence of anything official from Microsoft, I thought it might be a good idea to itemize my findings below. I’m clearly leaving things out, and if you have something to add, I’d love to here from you. This list is over and above the inherent boundaries of Office 365.

This is obviously not official, and I’ll try to modify it as these limits change, but for now, here are the current limits for Power BI, in its preview form.

Feature Description
Maximum workbook size (not enabled) 10 MB
Maximum size of non-model workbook data (enabled) 10 MB
Maximum size of data model 250 MB
Maximum workbook size (enabled) 260 MB (250 MB model + 10 MB workbook data)
Maximum size of workbook for editing 30 MB (This includes interactive refresh. Larger workbooks still support interaction)
Number of tables/views in a database visible to Power Query Navigator 2,000
Maximum number of thumbnail reports in Mobile application 6
Maximum OData query size with the Data Management Gateway 100 MB


Updated 2013-11-17 – Navigator limit changed to 2,000 and OData query limit removed with the Nov 2013 version of the gateway.

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