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Installing Office 365 App : Sorry, there was something wrong with the download

I recently ran into a bit of trouble installing the Nintex Workflow for Office 365 app to our main Office 365 tenant. Every time I tried to add the app from the store, I would receive the above error, or “Sorry, something went wrong with adding the app”.


With some great help from Nintex support, I was able to sort this out, but when I tried to repeat the process for writing this article, I also received the error:

The app package does not support the culture en-CA specified for installation

Yes, being Canadian has a few disadvantages, but not many. This is one of them. We do have a slightly different English than our cousins to the south.

I tested this on a few other apps and ran into similar problems with them. The problem appears to be a mismatch between the local settings for your tenant, and those explicitly supported by the app. You can work around these problems during installation by selecting en-US as the language. You do this during the app addition process. However, you first need to remove the failed addition.

Hover over the failed app, and click on the ellipsis that appears. Next, click on the ellipsis in the “about” box that pops up, and select remove.


Once it is remove, again begin the process of adding the app. When you come to the trust screen, click on the “SHOW LANGUAGE OPTIONS” link. From there, select English (United States). My default was English (Canada).


Once done, and you click the “Trust It” button, your app should install normally. I am told that this is a bug – I’m not sure if it’s on the Office 365 side or the vendor side, but it should get fixed. In the meantime, hopefully this workaround helps someone.


  1. perfect, thanks for this tip, fixed the issue for me. Even though my site regional settings are set to Australia, I still had to select English (US) as the language option when installing the Nintex 365 app.


  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Thank you SO SO much, this was a great help

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