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Performance Point Dashboard Designer Won’t Launch for a New Installation

We’ve been observing a problem in a few PerformancePoint installations that we’ve done recently. You create a new Business Intelligence Center, and then you want to create a new dashboard. You navigate to the PerformancePoint content library and select the Add new item link. You get the “Loading Dashboard Designer” Ajax prompt, but then nothing happens. If you open up the ribbon, and try to create any of the PerformancePoint items, you see the same behaviour.

If there’s existing PerformancePoint content, there is no problem, but new stuff won’t work. As far as I can tell, the problem appears to be that the SharePoint URL is not yet set. You can access the Server setting by clicking the pearl in the upper left of the designer surface, then clicking the Designer Options button, and then the Server Tab


The trouble is, how can you get Dashboard Designer to launch? We’ve found that although it won’t launch from the PerformancePoint Content library, it will from the Data Connections library if you create a new PerformancePoint data connection. You will however need to use the ribbon to launch it.

First,navigate to the Data Connections library and click on the Documents tab in the ribbon. The ribbon should open up,and then you want to click the New Document dropdown (not the button) and select PerformancePoint data source.


At this point, Dashboard Designer should launch. You should then be able to set the SharePoint URL setting.

We have seen issues with setting up the URL however. Occasionally the following error will be displayed:


You can’t then save the value. Our solution to this problem thus far has been to close designer, repeat the process above, and the value gets set automatically.

Once this is done, you can create new PerformancePoint items from the PerformancePoint content library.

If anyone has any additional insight to this, I’m all ears – I consider this to be a workaround.